Oct 282016

Had a phone call from The Christie, don’t come in at 9:00 for your treatment, come in at 10:00, your chemo won’t be ready till then.

That’s my chance of an early finish gone!

So I got up an hour later than planned, and took the combination 5-day antinausea tablet at one hour before the schedualled start of treatment.  I immediately started to feel nauseous, and did so for the rest of the day. Not the faintest idea if it was the antinausea tablet, or the other chemo tablets I started last night.

Oh. And by the way, all the tablets cause constipation. If you really want details send me private email and I will gladly give full and utterly tasteless details. It will be a pleasure unload the burden onto somebody else and still have a clear conscience.

The usual drill. First the quick one which turns your urine pink, then the 9 hours of slow drip feeds.  I did at least get some progress, I persuaded them to show me how to restart the drip after it blocked, which it does on a regular basis , like when I move my arm.  That saves an average of 5 minutes every blockage.

Then I started chatting to the woman in the bed beside me. That was a good move. She was just a bit older than me and she was a Sci-Fi fan. She’s a trekkie and she rememembered all the programmes from my childhood. We had a great time.

Journey Into Space – brilliant, and do you remember Derek Guyler, he went into comedy afterwards.

Quatermass – When you haven’t got CGI you have to have a good plot.

The Stone Tape – She remembered it, and I’ve got it. That final scene where the older recording plays back, scary.

Apparently she listened to the older radio ones from the top of the stairs, because her parents thought the programme was too scary for her tender ears.

So the time passed. I still felt ill, but at least I wasn’t bored this time.

So I got home, shattered after lieing on a bed all day, so I had a brief meal, and went to my own bed early. The more I think about that last sentence, the more odd it seems.

Still today I feel better. I weighed myself, I’ve put on another kilo, over 2 lds.

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