May 252016

Apologies for posting late. There were two reasons:

  1. I was too tired last night.
  2. I wanted to see the effects of the dreadful thing that happened yesterday.

That was when my daughter-in-law scalped me.  It was terrible, Samson had nothing on it.  Now all I have left is a short fuzz everywhere, and every time I look in a mirror there is this wierd baldy looking back.  All the women of my household say it makes me look younger (at least they haven’t said sexier – yet!).  And the cold wind that always blows, and the terrible impact of raindrops. It’s awful.

(Next bit is under protest)
Well OK I did actually ask her to do it, and she did tell me to come round at once, despite just having landed back after a long flight home, and it is better than having to wear a pair of cut-down women’s tights on my head at night to keep the pillow hairfree, and it was done out of love and care, but I’m a man, I need something to whinge about and someone else to blame.

The strangest thing is when I lie down. In one position I can feel my pulse moving the skin.  In another position I can wiggle my ears and feel all the skin move.  If I move my head a very small amount I can feel all the fuzz move , like the knap on a carpet.  And it really is cold.

I’ve got an Indiana Jones hat, which I keep for very hot days, when the risk from the sun is worse than the nuisance of wearing a hat, so I’ll wear that outside, until Friday when I collect the wig. I just hope I find the wig easier than being bald.


I said I would do a serious reply to TJ on ignorance, so here goes (ignore if you are not interested)

We are made/designed to ask questions, to try to find out answers and explanations.  That’s part of being human. If we deliberately choose ignorance, “Let God|The State|Anyone [delete as appropriate] know, it’s better I stay ignorance and trusting”, then that’s making us less than human.

OK we will sometimes get wrong answers, and we need to put them right.  No shame in that.

We will sometimes get answers that are right, but we don’t like (the man next to me in The Christie who’d been told he had 10 months to live).  That’s tough, but it’s still better than fear and ignorance.

There will be times we cannot understand the answer: ask a scientist how a photon can be a particle and a wave at the same time, and how it can even go in 2 different directions at the same time; ask a theologian to explain exactly what is meant by talking about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  You won’t understand the answer, and what’s more I’ll bet good money they don’t either.  All they have is a formula, a set of words that does well enough for what they need.  Maybe someone in the future will come up with an answer that we can all get our heads round, but right now I do not believe anyone really understands it properly.

So I fear ignorance, it makes me less of a man, I want to understand what’s happening to me, that’s why I’m so grateful to The Christie for the booklets they produce.

And if there are things I don’t understand yet, then I don’t need to be ashamed, as long as I keep trying.


And my weight is now 83Kg.  That’s down 2 Kg, but it is just coming out of the bad period. I must eat more.


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  1. God Bless you! I will have to come back to this one, it is late after midnight!
    It would take me a long time to answer, if I have an answer that is!!

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