Aug 292016

One of the details I’ve not mentioned is the feeding tube they’ve put into my small intestine.

It was needed at the start because I could not eat at all till the gullet healed, but they left it in, “just in case” I needed feeding again later on.

The trouble is that it is a pain.  Every day we have to squirt 50cc of water down it to keep it clear.  and the place where it goes into me itches and goes funny colours (but not funny enough to worry the doctors apparently).

I’ve got to do it again now before going to bed.  moan whinge.

Met a couple of friends today, he’s got the same as me, just 5 months behind apparently.  So we’ve pointed them here, hope you read it and it helps you.

Seems to me that talking about things like this is actually a big help.  Meeting someone who’s gone through it does help and give some confidence.  There’s a “support meeting” next month organised by the MacMillan nurses.  I think I’ll go to it.

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  One Response to “Send for a Plumber?”

  1. Malcolm -don’t forget Maggie’s Centre opposite Christie Hospital in Kinnaird Road. If you
    google it you’ll see it’s part of the Christie, but it offers so much to patients in the way
    of support, emotional and social etc. Beryl knows about it.

    Do hope you can get your “plumbing” sorted out but do get a reputable plumber!!
    All the best Malcolm from Peter and I

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