Dec 022016

Six days to go!  My appetite seems to have improved, we had Sea Bass tonight (it was on special offer at Tesco), and it was very good.

I had to cook it, my wife refuses to cook anything which looks back at her.

Minor setback. I woke up early this morning and went downstairs for a brew. I drank it sitting in front of the fire wearing a dressing gown, with my naked legs showing underneath (sorry for this unbearably erotic image).   Unfortunately my right leg has no feeling – it’s the rebuilt leg from 40 years ago – and I think I’ve burnt it, or at least scorched it.  I’ll have to see how bad it gets.

And yes, it was very stupid of me, I know, so please don’t point it out.  I really dislike people who are right when I’m wrong.  The problem is that I’m wrong rather too often for my peace of mind.

Meanwhile, the local Christmas lights come on tomorrow, and as one of the people involved I’m supposed to be there.  I’ll do my best.

And the preparations for the Murder Mystery are nearly ready.  I’m playing the husband of the victim.  I’ll be onstage most of the time, and on my feet, so I think I’ll have to do it on crutches, or risk problems.

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