Jun 262016

I’m a groupie for my wife’s choir(s). It was the Bach choir today, and very good they were. And there was a young woman there on crutches who actually moved at a reasonable speed.  I’ve always been annoyed with people who insist on crawling around unsteadily on crutches.   OK for the first few days you are unsteady.  If you have some other issue – eg with balance or power in your arms, then fair enough.  But for most normal people they should be able to move pretty fast after a few days practice.

The first time I got up from the floor using my crutches it took me half an hour. The second time a lot faster.  Now I just do it.

So it was good to see this lass moving around like a normal human being.  Turned out she has been on crutches 5 weeks, and already thought of one trick I never did.  She’s put old socks on the handles, to protect her hands, reduce the pain and cut down the hard segs that develop.   It was a pleasure to meet her, and I’ll nick that sock idea.

So why do some people insist on crawling around, do they want everyone to think they are disabled or something?

Anyway, for the lady from the choir who spoke to me tonight, and for everyone else, here’s today’s clue:


Any ideas?

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  1. On the twelfth day of chemo…

  2. I looked up groupie in google. The definition follows: –
    The term groupie is derived from group, in reference to a musical group, but the word is also used in a more general sense, especially in casual conversation, to mean a particular kind of female fan assumed to be more interested in relationships with rockstars than in their music. A groupie is generally considered a devoted female fan of a band or musical performer. The term originates from the female attaching herself to a band. A groupie is considered more intense about her adored celebrities than a fan and tends to follow them from place to place. A groupie will attempt to have a connection with the band and may seek intimate contact. Obsessive groupies will almost certainly involve themselves sexually with any members of the band including the roadies. Further, there are groupies of sports teams and many other types of celebrities.

  3. Ever since you’ve been going on about all these initials I’ve more or less switched off. After BBC, ITV, AA and RAC I’m lost. In the days when I used to read the Daily Lies (i.e. newspapers) I was constantly having to go back to the opening paragraph to find out what all the initials stood for. So I’m not making an attempt at that lot.

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