May 232016

Still suffering side effects, but not as bad as last cycle.  It’s not nice though.  Even looking at food makes me nausaous.  And I feel so tired.

I did manage to eat some dinner tonight, but not a lot, and it was very hard work.  I dissected a chicken afterwards into chunks for stir-fry and small bits for adding to gravy, and that made me feel bad as well.

Still, as I said yesterday, it’s still a lot better than last cycle, and far, far better than the man I met who was being pulled off the chemo, because his reactions were so bad.

And if you will all excuse me, I’m going to bed now.

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  1. Happy to hear that it is a little better for you Malcolm, than the last seance, I am trying to remember the last time food made me feel ill, and that was when I went to eat at a farm where they served, only fresh foie gras and canard confit, and potatoes cooked in the grease of the canard confit, wow!! never again ! even on the way home, (we) my daughter in the car in front and me driving behind had to stop the car to be so ill, and it went on all night the nausea was so violent! and at that time had to work the next morning!
    Just thinking about that time makes me feel ill! food too rich too fatty!!
    So you are doing very well to be able to eat!
    That poor other man who was not doing so well does show us that every-body’ system is not the same!
    So what is good for one is not always good for the other!!
    I don’t know if it helped you to feel any better about it all to see that your system can support more than some other’s ? God Bless You

  2. Just read this quote on the Susan Jeffers page – “If you are going through hell,
    keep going” (Winston Churchill). Kath

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