May 222016

Yesterday I said ” the only side effect is a metallic taste in my mouth”.  I was hasty, today the side effects kicked in.

Nausea, desperatley tired, loss of appetite ( and looking at what I just wrote, loss of ability to spell – and I don’t care).

Still I managed to eat something, and I had my tablets.  If this is just for a few days, like last cycle, then I can take it.  I met people in the Christie whose reaction was so bad they ended up in hospital as emergency admissions, now that is bad.

Had a message from my son the Engineer.  His wife, the Secret Redhead, confirms she can and will shear away my crowning glory of hair (such as is left) on Tuesday.   I will be a baldy until I can collect my wig on Friday.

Meanwhile I was asked if I was losing hair everywhere.

“Well you are my wife,” I replied, “if you don’t know the answer to that then I don’t know who does.”

Still I managed one thing today.  I’d promised to write a story about dinosaurs for my grandson, the Dinosaur Kid.  And today I finished the first draft, and handed it to his dad for comment. Job done.

And now I am retiring to my bed!

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  1. Your secret Redhead is right! it is better to shave it off, than seeing it fall away here and there and everywhere!
    You still have energy to write a story for your grandson, even with how you feel, I say Bravo to you Malcolm!
    You have strength! God Bless you through Jesus Christ the Lord!

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