Dec 102016

I’ve not posted because I’ve been inside again (no not Strangeways – I mean hospital).

I got a call from the Christie doctor who saw me. She had seen the preliminary scan report, and there was something odd about the kidneys, so she wants me to come in to her clinic on Monday.  She seemed to be thinking infection or chemo damage rather then cancer.  She added that if my abdominal pain got any worse, then I should ring their hotline.

The pain got worse, so I rang the Christie, who advised me to go to A&E at MRI. So we went late at night.

They diagnosed impacted fæces and passed me to the Ambulatory Care Unit at 3 am.  I won’t try to describe what they did.  Just think in terms of giant bottle of fairy liquid with a nozzle on the end like they use for putting icing decorations on cakes.  Two nurses were involved, apparently one was the chaperone.  Actually I suspected she just came along to enjoy seeing another male being humiliated.  But they were very professional, and very courteous – insofar as one can be courteous in that situation.

Then lie on your left side for as long as you can, until you have to run for it.

“How will I know when to run?” I asked.

“You’ll know!” she replied.

And I did.

They had provided what I used to know as a Thunderbox by the bed (a commode for the more refined amongst you), but I did manage to get to the proper facilities in time, just.

Now I’ve got a battered digestive system, but I’m slowly recovering, I think!

The fun never stops.


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