Jun 252016

Today’s clue is SSS.   SheWhoMustBeObeyed got it, surely someone else can (voice off says “don’t call me shirley”, oh that’s a very old joke).

And Surgery School (no not Sunday School):

It’s the latest idea at the MRI.  If we can start by having patients who are as fit and well as possible before the surgery, then the body’s defences will be in a better state and healing will go better and faster.

So give people “physio” before the op, not just after.  Apparently it halves the number of “incidents”, and is highly cost -effective.

For me this involves lung development exercises, doing more of my normal physio anyway, and walking to develop the leg and lower torso (which is a bit tricky when you are on crutches and walking just strengthens the arm muscles).

So I’ve asked the GP to ask Wythenshawe to do another injection, like they did last year to keep my right ankle going a few more months more so I can do more physio.  Then next year I can decide what to do about the ankle.

You know I really am something of a wreck aren’t I.

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