Sep 302016

I thought I was going to have a another bad day today.  I had some of my wife’s all-bran cake for second breakfast (One slice keeps you going all day).

It is normally fine, but this time I started to feel quite bad.

I honestly don’t know. Maybe I ate too much all-bran cake, maybe it was the aftereffects of the long day yesterday, maybe the chemo they pumped into me.

Anyway I tried to I think about food, but it just made me feel even worse.   This got me worried.

So I took an anti-nausea tablet and sat propped up in a pair of old armchairs for 2.5 hours, which left me a bit better.

Then I went down for a meal.

SheWhoMustBeObeyed had made a series of small meals and bunged them in the freezer. She’d taken a shepherd’s pie out and cooked it .   It looked and smelt revolting, which I knew was not true, she makes a very good shepherd’s pie, so I decided to ignore the smell and tried some.  It was excellent, I finished the whole lot and had some lasagne with the family 2 hours afterwards.  I’m now eating jelly.

On balance, not a bad day in the end.

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