As a kid I loved to read stories. Now I write them as well, and get a fantastic kick from it.

So far I’ve got four of my own titles on Amazon and short stories included in another anthologies:

Lady of Foxdale (Western Lands Book 1)  and Daughter of the King (Western Lands Book 2)
This isn’t really fantasy, more a parallel world story on an Earth where all the landmasses are different and the inhabitents are descended from a mixture of Celts, Romans and Germanic tribes who have crossed over from our world.
Mary is a young English girl of West Indian origin, whose life is at a crossroads who wished for a new life. She did not expect her wish to be granted so completely, and finds herself in a the middle of a civil war, and forced first to take sides and then to face up to tyrrany on a path that will lead her to be first the Lady of Foxdale, and then the Daughter of the King.

Ghosts, Trolls and Werewolves by Malcolm Cowen
This is a set of four short stories and the introduction to Lady of Foxdale, which stands up fairly well by itself.
The title is a bit of a giveaway, there’s one story about a ghost, one about a werewolf, one about a troll, and one about a vampire.
But this time the werewolf is the heroine, the troll has a royal destiny, the ghost story is set against the shadows of a future war and the vampire story is about courage and integrity.

This is really a short story, published as part of a series by T.K. Richardson.
Why it has that Victorian cover I have no idea, after all it is set in a future Colony in Space.  Still quite a few people said they liked it.


I’ve been published in several anthologies as well. Here’s the ones I know are still available.
The Tanist’s Wife and other stories: Stories of Alternative Histories
I’ve got two stories in the collection, one in a world where the British Celts conquered the incoming Anglo-Saxon tribes, and one, a Professor Challenger pastiche, where the American Revolution had a different ending.

Betrayal and Other Short Stories
Contains a short new horror story. It’s based on my own experience of having a deformed spine, but I never want to go down this path.

Time Traveling Coffers by Dana Bell
What is earthshattering and can be carried in a small container? In my story it’s a Gateway to the past which comes into the hands of a grieving widow.

Wherever It Pleases: Storm
Two entries in this collection of stories with a religious theme. One a man coming home to the place he has never seen, and one about the dangers of superstition and folk religion.



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