Nov 162016

Went to the Christie today and my blood passed as satisfactory, so it’s the infusion tomorrow.  The last one, and just 22 days of tablets.  Then that’s it, treatment finished.

Now all I have to do is keep sane for 10 hours while lying on a bed having poison poured into me.  It is utterly boring.

Meanwhile, my friendly music arranger produced an arrangement for yesterday’s poem (the one wot I wrote), and the choir tried it and liked it.  That makes me feel good.

I’m told the choir now want a picture of me with my newly regrown hair.  I shall get one and post it tomorrow after I get home and the next post will be all about my new hair and why I don’t like it.

Bad news, looks like I’ve got another minor infection.  My tongue is abnormally sensative and taste is even more distorted. That means oral thrush, yet again.  Still nil carborundum illegitimmi, and just 22 days of tablets to go (not that I am counting).

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