Jun 192016

Announcing  a major new competition, with unbelievable prizes (literally).    Each one of the last posts during this chem cycle will have  a meaningful title.  But I will only post the initials.  Can you guess tomorrow’s post?

And now for a short rant.

Yesterday we got rid of one of our lodgers at 10am, the other was away for the weekend in Edinburgh, and the new lodger was not expected till later.

So I decided to have  a bath (it’s that time of year) and take the rare chance of exercising my manly privilege to wander around the house drip-drying (and with curtains closed)

It didn’t work.  I was still sitting in the bath when the first ring on the doorbell came.

By the time we were free we had had 5 visits or requests for help.  All from people we care about, all things we were glad to do, but we wish it had not been yesterday.

I’m supposed to have a rest at about 2pm.  I got it at 6pm.

Still we did get to watch a film on the TV and were just going to bed, when the phone rang, could SheWhoMustBeObeyed do an emergency babysit, Mum needed to be taken in to hospital.  You don’t say no to that from a friend, but my wife got back at 4:30 am.

That made us late getting up, and meant I was delayed making a meat pie for our monthly meal together at church, so I came  late with that.  (The pie was a success, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.)

We came home and tried to get some sleep.  At this point I should explain I was slightly constipated, so I took a Movicol dose.  It worked!  I spent most of this evening sitting in a small room, head bowed, meditating upon my assets.  I just hope I can get some sleep tonight.

At this point I’m getting worried about my wife’s lack of sleep, and she’s getting worried about mine, so we had  a row.   “It’s your fault. You want to look after me, but you won’t let me look after you!”

It’s now 11pm, and I am going to bed.   All I can say is it’s a good job I am publishing the recipe tomorrow.  If it had been today, I would have included hemlock in the ingrediants.

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  3 Responses to “TDD”

  1. For tomorrow it will be!
    S A D
    “Sleeping All Day”
    because your both tired!
    or it could be!!!!
    W A N T
    Isn’t that strange! how the initials present a word!
    We Are Not There

  2. OH! I forgot about the title, I am not sure if I understood!
    But for TDD by careful I am simple minded! heee…eeee!!
    Today’s Drip Drying”
    Are the initials for Today or Tomorrow???

  3. Hello to you Malcolm and Beryl,
    You did make me laugh reading this!
    It does sound as if all is well, even with the row you had, what does the Lord say about it,”Do not blame the other, or another person! you yourself can only be to blame, as you have the freedom of choice, or could we say the control of oneself (one’s flesh) to do or not to do!
    Of course we must not worry( not for ourselves, or for the other) we must give it to the Lord Jesus, we must pray and ask and it will be given, if it is in the will of God, through His word.
    I would like the recipe of the meat pie, I have never made one. I am not English!!!heee..eee!!
    I do like the beginning with the bath, that is lovely, I understand what you mean as I have always had the liberty to walk around in my home without clothes, not having to hide ones body! I have even closed in the garden so that I have that freedom! but as age is on the body it is not to excite anyone but so they are not shocked with the dropping of the outer cover! Heee…eeee!!! No!!! now outside I put the minimum on at least a string if not more! that is how most French live when they have some sort of pool, or live down south sunbathing! when there is time!!!
    I think that it is a great deed you are both doing, that you can help when it is needed!
    That is why you have many calling, because they can count on you! which is a comfort for those who know you!
    Have a lovely day
    God Bless you both
    and even though you do not know me
    I send you my best regards
    and a hug to you both!

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