Apr 302016

I left my blog last night at the smallest I could do, I was shattered.  What I missed out was how I felt, and it was not a good experience.

It wasn’t the staff, they are excellent. It wasn’t the Christie, it’s excellent as well.  It was me.

First from Tuesday night I was scared stiff. Crazy, I know, I’ve been longing and working for this day, and now I say I am frightened. It is not logical, as Mr Spock used to say.

But I was. On Thursday, on the way in, I wanted to run away. I can understand why some people act irrationally – no they should not do it, and I will not do it – but oh I wanted to.

Once it started I felt better. From then on it was boredom. I was too spaced out to concentrate (I had intended to do some work – no chance).  I did some reading and finished a couple of stories, but could not manage any more, so I just lay or sat on the bed. Sometimes I drowsed, sometimes I talked to my wife (we did produce a draft plot for a Murder Mystery evening for her drama group), most of the 13 hours I just sulked in boredom.

Still I suppose that’s better than wanting to run away.

This morning I felt better, so I went to a meeting at 10am. I was glad I went, but I did get home tired and with a headache. Still lets see what tomorrow is  like.

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  1. I would have run away, Unless I HEARD otherwise,
    but each one of us makes a choice!
    Praying for you Malcolm
    God Bless you and your family!

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