Apr 132016

It’s the last day coming up folks.

Contestants so far are

Kath and Peter – Doughnut

Gail – Asin  & Ashame

Beryl – Scanner

Chris – Donk

Lew – Hotay

Remember the winner gets a mention here , worth at least FIVE brownie points.

And what do points mean?  – Sorry I slipped into “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” mode there for a moment.

On eating:

It’s really odd. Sometimes I can eat quite easily, other times the pain gets noticable.  Still I’m holding my weight.

Two days to go before my appointment at the MRI to see if I am fit for surgery and the official letter came today for next Wednesday at the Christie.

I’m feeling better now I know things are happening. I’ve not cried for days now, although I sometimes still go and hide in my bed when I start to feel down.

In my darker moments I ponder the situation.

I’m facing 3 months of drastic chemo, followed by major surgery, with intensive care and tubes putting stuff in and out of my every orifice, followed by 3 months more chemo.

And that’s the good news!



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  7 Responses to “The Great Stuffed Donkey Competition”

  1. Name for donkey — Ears

  2. How about a musically themed donkey –

    “Gladenza” or ( more lowbrow) ” honkeytonk”

    Can I have a donkey related mention now?

  3. I thought the funniest I read on your blog was Arthur Sausage.

  4. Yeknod and his owner Mloclam Newoc even…

  5. I think having spent time at a workshop with Keira at Temple Place spelling things backwards and singing the words in an ancient egyptian way that the donkey who is surly of egyptian origin should be called Yeknod…..

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