Dec 172016

This afternoon 5 of our 7 grandchildren came to see Malcolm in the conservatory at Christies.  It was a noisy hour  and Malcolm loved it. Our 4 year old played doctors with her medical kit and the 5 year old was the nurse. They soon made  their taid better. Our 7 year old played  the ukulele and the baby was adorable. Our 19 year old was chatty and happy to be with us. It was lovely.  Lots of  photos were taken  and he had his 3 sons there too. It was poignant when  Malcolm had to return to the ward and a few tears were shed. You must never hide the truth from children but you can make it bearable.

Malcolm seems a lot better to day. Painfree and able to go to  the toilet. He is hungry but has another day on the drip only. We wait for Monday.

And so to bed.

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  1. Wonderful! x

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