May 282016

Well I got it.  It’s the right colour, and the right style (midlength scruffy).

All the women of my family tell me I don’t need  it, I look younger, they say.  All I saw was this baldy.  At least they haven’t said I look sexier. I don’t think I could stand that.

It’s things like walking down the corridor and feeling the vortices of air peel off my ears and whip across the naked skin.  In the past my hair might have moved a bit as I walked, but that’s all, now I have this chinese water torture.  And don’t even think about what happens in the garden.  “Raindrops keep falling on my head” – well OK I suppose they always did, but at least the impact was cushioned.

But now I have my protection, my Linus-blanket and I am happy.

Meanwhile a certain person in Small Rice  (who I won’t name, and there really is such a place) wants pictures of me both naked and covered up (my head I mean).  My family seem to approve, so the photos will appear, but I have a deepseated fear that some of my family are plotting something evil.  Alas who can a man trust in these days?


Meanwhile, and entirely off topic I feel like another rant.

We recorded Promethious (the Alien prequel) recently, and watched it last night.  Let’s just say we watched most of it with the fast forward on.

I think I’m getting old.  Clever CGI means less and less to me, blood and gore just looks like too much tomato sauce.  And lack of plot just looks like a bad film

  • They got the toxicity of Carbon Dioxide wrong.
  • You measure the distance to extra-terrestrial planets in lightyears, not millions of miles.
  • They spent 2 years travelling to this planet, but couldn’t spend 2 days checking for dangerous meteological conditions.
  • They use drones to map the Alien Artifact, but do their exploring in person, why?
  • The crew had not even met before before they were awoken from stasis. They did not even know who their captain was.   (What sort of mission plan is that).
  • The crew appeared to be specially selected for hangups, bad discipline and stupidity.
  • They have no idea of bio-security.
  • They are ludicrously macho. One woman performs a Caesarian on herself, removes an alien embryo, sews herself up again, then walks away.  I never realised childbirth was so easy!
  • They carry no weapons when entering an unknown situation, or even known dangerous ones.
  • And at the end, the Ripley-type survivor finds herself in possession of an advanced alien spaceship and the location of its builders. Does she do the obvious thing and go back to Earth so these can be copied and studied?  No, she takes the only example we have of advanced technology and pushes off by herself to pursue her own private vengence.  Stupid.

They are making a sequel, I don’t think I’ll bother.

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  2 Responses to “The New Wig”

  1. My dear Malcolm. I think your new wig sounds very, er……stylish? Just like you! I can’t imagine you with a shaved head. Your wild hair look is what I love about you…….that and your sandals! I’ve missed reading your news whilst away in York for my birthday…..don’t ask me how old but suffice to say I’m nearer to 60 than I would like!

    Keep positive my dear friend. You make us smile. And I’m sure our wonderful God smiles too xxoo (this is for kisses and hugs – Beryl won’t mind)

  2. Yes it doesn’t sound worth watching!
    I am glad for you that you have your peruke to keep you warm.
    But I am sure if your family says you look better without one, it is true, it is only because of your self -look that you are use to seeing in the mirror, that you have a hard time in excepting, and perhaps also because of the human ego!
    You did say protection : I have always liked the rain, not the lightning though!
    You talk about rain drops, but it is nearly summer, here we are walking around as if it is, nice and warm and sunny! except for tomorrow where they say it will be stormy!
    So I had better get out and profit to have some of the vitamin D!
    Have a God week-end!

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