Apr 152016

The Contestants were

Kath and Peter – Doughnut

Gail – Asin  & Ashame

Beryl – Scanner

Chris – Donk

Lew – Hotay

Liz – Gladenza or ( more lowbrow)  honkeytonk

Ian – Arthur Sausage

Barbara – Yeknod (donkey backwards)

John and Meirion       – Ears


And the winner of the “Name the Cuddly Toy Competition” is …




(excessively long pause) …




Asin  – Ashame by Gail and her son, as the best name, and probably the world’s first tri-lingual joke in English, Welsh and Ukrainian.  So congratulations, llongyfarchiadau and  вітаю / vitayu.

You win the Brownie Points. The newly Named donkey will go into the spare bedroom for visiting grandchildren.

Meanwhile: tomorrow I go to have my fitness for surgery checked. Just one slight worry. I was told today this involves putting me on a treadmill.

This raises a serious question. Can I use my crutches?  If not then I can’t walk very fast, but with them I can usually beat most of the allegedly normal population.

Or maybe it will be just a static exercise bike, in which case I should be ok, as long as my right ankle doesn’t jam up.

It does say wear a tracksuit, but I don’t have one. I’ll just have to go wearing my usual scruffy.

This could be fun.





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  2 Responses to “The winner is …”

  1. Croeso Jonathon.

    Rwy’n deall mae’r iaith Ukrainian yn dod o dy dad, ble mae’r Cymraeg ac Yspaeneg yn dod?

    Mi ddysgais i Cymraeg mewn ysgol nos ym Manceinion. Daeth teulu fy mam o Cymru ( Y Waen ), ond dydyn nhw ddim yn siarad yr iaith.

    Mae gen i Almaeneg a Ffrangeg hefyd. Rydyn ni’n dysgu Anglo-Saxon ar hyn o bryd.

    “remember as Winnie the pooh said,you are braver than you believe,stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
    Thanks for that. I did meet Christopher Robin once, a very nice man.

    Looking forward to the prize.
    Regards to your Mum, and remember if you didn’t speak “grunt” she’d have nothing to moan at you for. Then what would she do!


  2. From Jonathan to Malcolm,
    Wow we won!! Thanks for the compliments. I speak some Welsh,Ukranian and Spanish,fluent English,and my Mum says I have to say I speak “grunt” – apparently the universal language of teens?
    My prize can be mailed to my home address,I prefer non consecutive used bank notes that I will then transfer to my Panama account. Your prize will be mailed soon – but that’s a surprise.
    I hope that your treatment goes well, remember as Winnie the pooh said,you are braver than you believe,stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.
    Pob lwc,
    Jonathan J.

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