Dec 072016

Well I always did like that puppet show.  And I do use Thunderbird for my emails!

And today was the end of my chemo.

It nearly wasn’t.  The Out-of-hours doc diagnosed muscle cramp in the gut, she seemed to think it was the bisacodyl.  Anyway I got a better night’s sleep, and in the morning was able to eat some bacon.  The Christie gave me the OK to finish the chemo, and I went in for the scan as well.

Afterwards I was still having cramp pain, so before I left the Christie I rang the hotline. They said come in and see us. They were the other side of the wall I was leaning against!

A long wait, while they did bloods and everything else, and their doctor agreed:

  • It’s not Appendicitus or anything similar
  • There’s no sign of any hard blockage
  • This is common with constipation, and will probably resolve if I take more movicol .

So don’t panic, take this stuff on this prescription, and finish your chemo, which will probably make a difference anyway.

So I went home, took my last tablets and threw the foil strips and the cardboard box over my shoulder for my wife to pick up and dispose of.  Just for one I wanted to be utterly chauvinistic.

How do I feel?  I don’t know, I’m still too drained to even think straight.

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  1. Congratulations Malcolm, you have done it. You are an exemplar of both wonderful human and hero to us all . Now you can regain your strength, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful about thinking straight.

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