Jun 222016

Today’s clue: TLL.   Several answers suggested, but none even close.  Remember, the letters make sense, and fit the occasion (though not perhaps the time of year).  One post a day till the end of the chemo, will anyone beat the challenge?  Or do I win!

Meanwhile, my latest social embarressment has cleared up.  That’s something I suppose.  I have rung the Christie nurse and left a message giving all the gory details.  I always said we should live our lives as openly as possible, but I never envisaged leaving that sort of detail on an answerphone.

Apparently my comments on thrush provoked great hilarity amongst the Bach Choir.  Ladies, I’m glad to have given joy and happiness to all of you. Perhaps I should rephrase that.  On the other hand why should I bother, it’s late, and this post has enough embarrassing content already. I’ve stopped caring.

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