Jul 192016

It said it would be the hottest day of the year, so we headed to the nearest slate mine where it was 6oC all year.  I nearly had a panic that I had left all warm clothing back at the camp site, but I found a thick pullover.  It was a very good decision.

We also found an old Roman camp which for some reason has no signs  at all leading to it and a nice picnic spot by Llyn Trawsfynnedd.

I’m being a good boy and taking my medicine for thrush, so far I think it is working, but we’ll see.  I’m still eating well.

The evening was spare, and a bit cooler, so we decided to accept an invite from the friendly local vicar to a group meeting in a village several miles south.  It was lead by a retired GP, who was interested in my impending operation ( I had to describe what it was – I can neither say nor  spell oesophogectomy).  Anyway they all prayed for me, I appreciated that after all as a GP he  knows exactly what he’s talking about – or praying about.

I am  steadily feeling more nervous as the date gets nearer.  I’ll say more later.  I know this fear is useless and irrational, but I’m human (despite what my wife says) and therefore flawed.


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  1. Brothers and Sisters in Christ , how lovely is that, and what a blessing for you both to be prayed for whilst on holiday ! God is sustaining you, but keep taking the tablets! Love marion

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