Apr 192016

I don’t expect the female part of the population to understand this, but I think I ate too much chocolate.

I weighed myself, and I’d gone down to 85 Kg, that’s a loss of 2 Kg.  The first loss in 7 weeks, but still a loss.

I think it is because eating is getting harder, so I tried to get more rich stuff down.

A friend gave me some white chocolate (I can’t eat dark chocolate, it’s a migraine trigger). So I thought I would follow the MacMillan nurse’s advice and eat a complete strip in one go.

Result: I spent half this evening feeling slightly sick.

I told my wife, she looked like she wished she could get a dietician to advise her to eat any kind of chocolate.  I dread to think what my daughters in law would do, especially the Dangerous Redhead. The sight of her with chocolate is truly terrifying.

Still I did manage to eat most of a battered fish, a chicken leg, a sausage roll and a fair-sized helping of meat pie today. Maybe that will help a bit.



And lastly yesterday’s question:

What’s the difference between a submucosal oasophagal adenocarcinome and a device for measuring the muzzle speed of a projectile fired from a gun?


One  clocks a bullet, the other blocks a gullet.
(Yes – I know it’s a very dark joke – but it’s my gullet and I feel like dark humour)

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  5 Responses to “Too much chocolate”

  1. Dangerous redhead! I’ll be having words with you when I’ve stopped being snotty!

  2. Yes it is your gullet! and you are the one living with it! So we have nothing to say! but we can Pray to the Lord Jesus who is I know the healer of all!
    You really did eat a lot then!
    Of course any one who eats a block of chocolate would be sick Noooooo!!!

  3. I’d like a dietitian to advise me to eat any kind of chocolate. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re continuing to blog. Continuing to pray for you and your family.

    Sincerely – Kimberli from LGG

  4. Margaret and I will be praying for you tomorrow. God Bless.

    Q. What happened when the egg was tickled?
    A. It cracked up!

  5. Malcolm

    I am sorry to learn of your health problems but glad to see that you are keeping positive. As you will be aware, I met up with Chris Pickford a few years ago and try to see him from time to time although we never really lost contact apart from a couple of years when the contact lapsed.

    I have many memories of you “back in the old school yard” but our education following Primary took us both in different directions. Where we are today is a result of where we were in the past and the influences that friends, enemies, parents and teachers had on our lives, would we change it? maybe some but mostly life has been OK.

    I am impressed by your web pages and strangely enough we share some common interests. I also write poems but these have never seen light of day apart from one or two that I wrote for special people along the way. I do not have a website but do appear on Facebook and LinkedIn social and business media so if you are curious then you may be able to find out more about me there.

    I will be thinking about you and hoping that your health improves but I expect that you are a fighter in any case. Best wishes to you Malcolm.

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