Jul 302016

Malcolm was allowed out of  bed for an  hour this morning but stayed up in a chair for 4 hours which greatly impressed the staff.  As you can tell he is doing well. They are gradually starting top unplug him from drains as well so by Tuesday he should be able to walk  around more.  His personal nurse said that his sats were the best she had seen in ICU and he was recovering fast but ofcause still in a lot of pain.  So the nurse and I together told him  not to be macho and stubborn but actually use the pain shoot  as being pain free was a good idea.

I got 4 hours sleep last night as I was up at 6 to send off my red headed grandaughter to Comi Con and her centaur costime. It took us  nearly 90 minutes to get the correct taxi length to carry the creature. (After 4 attempts the correct one arrived and it was too late to go back to bed so I put in an early morning call to Intensive care.)  Her centaur costume proved very popular and she was delighted with the reaction. She is back there tomorrow so iam getting an earlier night so as to be ready to see her off again. This time dressesd as Pokemon.   Dont ask!!

What next I ask myself.


See you tomorrow.

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  1. It’s Marion , I’ll try again , must have pressed something it went before finished! So Beryl it sounds as if prayers are being answered, P T L ! Thrilled to hear Malcolm doing so well . Please will you get some sleep now, you need to be in good health for the weeks ahead can’t have you going down ! My prayers will join the many ! God continue to bless you both x

  2. Dear Beryl, the date came round so quickly , I was away I forgot !!! Please forgive !

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