Aug 192016

4.00 am today  Malcolm was re-admitted to a surgical ward as he was in such pain. Many tests later he is being kept in to see where and what the infection is and nil by mouth. He is back to the drip feeds as well. He is a little better especially as his cancer nurse reassured him he was actually doing fine and all this was to  be expected after the surgery he had. Also his heart rate is speedy and they put this down to the pneumomia he had last week. It is amazing what you find out if you wait long enough. No wonder he is very tired. No one had told me this.

Basically being my husband he is doing too much too soon and will not just sit down and let the  world go by. Now he has to or suffer the consequences. He must also take all the medication and pain relief offered and not be macho. He is his own worst enemy where medication is concerned.

So my little Toyota   is going to make more trips twice a day up to the MRI for at least the next 3 days  I think as the doctors try  to sort him out. At least surgery is ruled out at present.

I am now very tired having had 3 hours sleep today and none the night before. So hot bath and bed. A new day tomorrow for us both.

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  1. Dear Beryl, hope you got some sleep and have eaten something ! Macho men….tell me about them ! Ah well, maybe, just maybe, Malcolm might learn a lesson a lesson here … just, TO BE for a time and let his body heal after the assault it has undergone! In the meantime you are both an example to us all in stamina, patience, courage, endurance…the list goes on. God is with you and He’s not going away. Ps.23 v.4 Hope he’s home again soon!
    Love to both, marion

  2. Thinking of you both with prayer for energy and courage xx

  3. The Nurses comment must have been music in your ear. Please give Malcolm my kind regards. Steve

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