Jul 292016

We arrived at 3.15 at the hospital to be told there  was no one of that name expected and no bed. After some debate  the nurses found out we should be there but no notes no letter or anything about Malcolm had arrived on the ward. So we sat in the waiting room. 2 hours later  a registrar a lovely Chinese doctor came and told us all about the operation. It will start about 10,30 tomorrow after the doctors have their weekly chat and will last 10 hours. So I will not  see Malcolm on Friday at all as he will be kept asleep until Saturday. Also blood was needed to be taken to cross match 4 units for the op so that had to be done tonight. ( 9.30 . no blood taken yet) Why could that have  not been done in out patients? At 6.30 we came home and had  a lot to eat and drink as we were starving. We then returned to the ward at 8.00 and a bed was ready for him. We parted with many tears and prayers.

This is only for one night as from tomorrow he is in intensive care. Why could we not have come in at 7.00 tomorrow morning and not wasted a bed for one night? Well the nurse was still tracking down his notes and a doctor when I left. I am grateful he is ultimately in God’s hands as at least God knows what he is doing every moment .

On a l ighter note i then spent the rest of the evening making a centaur costume with the oldest grandchild.  More to make tomorrow. See you later.

  2 Responses to “What a fiasco”

  1. All our love to both of you.
    Jeremy & Paul

  2. Thinking of you today Malcolm beryl and family. Love lizx

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