Mar 312016

Tomorrow’s the big day when they do the last tests, and I get to know what will happen to me.

Except that I’ve been here before, expecting to have an answer, and not getting one because there was yet another test.

I hope and pray this is really it.

I spoke to the MacMillan nurse today. She said she will be at the Multi-Disciplinary meeting on Friday, and that all the results will be there on the table, so the decision should be made. She said she will ring me if she can Friday, or next week in any case.

My scan has been put back to 12:45, which means I’ve got to fast from 4:45 am. I’ve decided I’m going to stay up and have a late supper / early breakfast at 4am, then go to bed. If I have to fast, I’ll do it sleeping. Then when I come out of the scan, I’ll have a flask of tea, and something to eat ready   – probably more of the gammon toffees!

Got an email from Germany promising to eat a full meal with me, when I’ve got through this. Thanks Marcus. There’s a very nice Chinese buffet in Reddish. Good price and excellent food. Sesame bread to die for (Correction: Sesame bread to live for!). I’ll see you there!

Dinner was haggis today, beautiful!  And I ate all my share (although it did take three goes).

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  1. Called today but you were out.

    So, I’ll leave you with a thought – it’s ironic that Monopoly (which we played many times as kids) is made by only one company.

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