Mar 312016

Tomorrow’s the big day when they do the last tests, and I get to know what will happen to me.

Except that I’ve been here before, expecting to have an answer, and not getting one because there was yet another test. Continue reading »

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Mar 302016

I’ve had a string of comments reported to me from people who read this blog. So far they’ve all been favourable (or maybe just tactful?).  They’ve come from Brazil, Germany (Viel Dank’ Marcus) and Beryl’s Bach choir. Continue reading »

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Mar 292016

I’ve made a discovery. I can eat little chopped-up cubes of gammon.

We had gammon for Sunday dinner, and it didn’t go well. I ate two small helpings. Even added together they were just pathetic. But afterwards I tried cutting up the rest of the gammon into small cubes, about the size of toffees. and it worked. I’ve now got a bowl full of them, and I’m eating them just like a kid eating toffee. Not all at once, I can’t take that, but every few minutes, and it’s got more meat down me than I’ve had in days. Continue reading »

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Mar 272016

I felt a bit better today, eventually.  It started off bad when I tried to contact the MacMillan nurses. I’ve been given 3 names, and they were all on holiday . Two of them had answerphone messages which advised me to ring the other one.

I felt pretty bad. Then a friend rang from church. She’d read my blog, and she reminded me that she’s a MacMillan nurse. She could not give any specific data, but she could talk in  general terms, and she did. Continue reading »

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Mar 242016

Today wasn’t good.

I felt demotivated, had trouble eating and found myself sitting on the PC playing stupid card game after card game.  One of the foreign students cooked today. I managed to eat one course, but that was all, and it was not her fault. She’s been a good friend, they all have been. Continue reading »

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Mar 232016

I have been here before, well sort of.

Three weeks before my 30th birthday I was coming home on my Honda 50 motorbike when a gentleman coming the other way decided to turn right (remember we drive on the left here). He took off the front of my right leg, broke all my ribs and left my gut paralysed.

I wasn’t supposed to live, but I did (trouble-maker as usual).

Continue reading »

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Mar 232016

I really have a very nice family.  Hugs from my sons and daughters-in-law (they don’t feel like daughters-in-law, more like daughters just recently acquired), and I burst into tears.

I’ve got two commissions as well, to write stories about dinosaurs for a grandson and about “Frozen” for a granddaughter. That should keep me quiet for a while. Continue reading »

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Mar 222016

We saw the surgeon. It was not good news.

She wants another scan with an ultrasound detector down my throat to check if there is enough gullet left to attach my stomach to. If not, then all bets are off. I wish they had decided on this last week, then I would not have to wait another week, or maybe two, because two holidays around Easter means delays. Continue reading »

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