Apr 292016

I’m back.  And shattered.  We got to The Christie at 0820 and left at 2150.  On the way back my son the Engineer got fish and chips from a local chippie, and I ate a whole fish.

Now I feel better, but still shattered and very tired. But I’ll write as much as I can. Continue reading »

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Apr 262016

We think we’ve found the cause of the migraines.  We had a new gas fire installed Friday

Apparently they coat the insides of the fire with a light oil to protect them. This burns off during the first hours of use. It looks like this caused the migraines.  Continue reading »

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Apr 262016

I read the Grauniad website today, about Victoria Wood. Apparently she, and lots of others , kept their cancer a secret.

Is this the right thing to do?  I lost another day to migraine today, so I had a long time to think about it. Continue reading »

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Apr 252016

Afraid I lost a lot of today to another migraine.

I woke up with it at 5:30 and spent most of the morning in first a headache, then a drugged fog.   No way I could drive safely. Continue reading »

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Apr 242016

I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a migraine. That maybe explains why I felt so bad yesterday.  The standard medication (Immigran) fixed it by 10:00, and apart from feeling doped up I was almost normal (no comments at the back there) Continue reading »

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Apr 232016

And I’m getting edgy again.  Yes it is irrational. But I can understand why people crack and do irrational things.

I’m finding eating difficult again. It took me three goes to finish my tea, and it was mince and veg, which I’d been eating well. So I had one of the vitamin and health drinks. Not sure if it helps or not. Continue reading »

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Apr 222016

Well I’ve got what I wanted, chemo starts 6 days from now.  Now I feel slightly at a loose end again.

Finished a piece of work off and released it.  Just a bit of documentation to write up now.  I must get down to writing again.  I’ve had two more ideas for stories Continue reading »

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