Sep 262016

I’ve had three days of headaches. They did not respond to my normal migraine treatment, and left me feeling miserable.

Today’s started at 8am.  I got downstairs feeling ghastly, an swapped my normal first breakfast of bacon and 2 sausage for one bacon in a bacon butty.

It stayed bad all day, despite paracetamol, until I was sick about 4pm on an empty stomach.  After that it all cleared up, and I now feel pretty good.

The best guess is that the antibiotic I have been taking for an infected finger has “headaches” listed under common side effects.  Today was the last tablet, so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Meanwhile, since Beryl’s post I have walked around the block and eaten 2 helpings of an excellent stir-fry.

But I too am weary of this long story of niggles, setbacks, worries. There is 9 weeks 2 days to go, and then on the last day of November I will take my last tablet.
On the first of December I will celebrate.

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Sep 262016

I am wrriting this as Malcolm is not well enough.  He has constant  headaches and  is not eating as much as  he should.  As Chemo starts on Wed this is worrying for me. He had been doing well and we have spent several days out but no sooner does he improve then the wretched disease takes over again  or the side effects of the many  pills he has been popping. One tablet  for example means he can’t take his blood pressure tablets and so his BP is too high and high BP means headaches that he cannot cope with. You cant win.  I feel really frustrated now and feel  Wed onwards will be bad.  I am also getting very impatient with Malcolm and accusing him of giving in and not working through these symptoms and at least trying to eat  which is wrong of me I know. Depression is not a good thng for a carer either so I need to  be stronger than ever and it is getting harder for me now as well. I am so glad I have God with me to talk to as I do not think I could  cope anymore without faith.  Sorry this is so depressing but living with illness makes you that way sometimes and I am being honest here not holier than thou.

Sep 222016

I still don’t believe it, but I’ve been ill today. Let me explain:

From the start I’ve been measuring my weight on our old scales. They are about 30 years old and subject to both Einstein and Heisenberg. Continue reading »

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Sep 192016

The other bad day was the night before surgery. Sitting, waiting, and knowing that this is really major surgery – like some people don’t wake up, they die on the table. Okay, the odds were small, but it happens, and 5% die within 90 days. Scary! Continue reading »

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