Oct 302016

It’s now three days since the infusion, and apart from mild constipation and a touch of thrush in my mouth, I’m feeling good.

So far I’ve not lost any hair, like I did last time, but there’s time yet.  The worst time is usually days 4 to 6 . That’s when all the red and white blood cells die off and for a while they aren’t being replaced. That’s when I get weak and lethargic, and most vulnerable to infection.

Best of all I’m eating well, not normal quantities yet, but bigger than I used to. I don’t know if this means my remaining stomach has started to grow, but I am also putting on weight. Just a few pounds so far, but the trend is clear.  The goal from the MRI had been not to lose very much, so I think I’ve beaten that.

And now it’s 39 days to go till the end of the treatment.

Just one outstanding issue to decide.  Now my hair is growing back it’s curlier.  I don’t like it, I’ve spent nearly 70 years cultivating a scruffy look, and now people are saying I look younger and better.

Frankly I disagree. I think my hairline resembles Ming the Merciless and the tuft at the front looks like Tin-Tin.  But I seem to be in a minority of one.

What to do, decisions, decisions!

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Oct 252016

Went to the Christie today, and my blood white cell count is OK. Tomorrow I get the next treatment.

And I have restarted my tablets.

42 days to go and counting.

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Oct 242016

So tomorrow I go to the Christie to see if my white cell count is better. What I don’t understand is that a week previously I had been through a standard Christie checkup and passed. I’ll ask them about it tomorrow. Continue reading »

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Oct 242016

Yesterday was very stressful. SheWhoMustBeObeyed made me buy new trousers. I really do not understand the female attitude on this matter. Yes I know this sounds sexist, but all the evidence I see is that something like 90% of all women share this viewpoint. Continue reading »

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Oct 202016

Today’s the 40th anniverary of my accident.  I’ll give the full details below, but basically I was in a motor bike smash. I lost the front of my right leg and broke all my ribs, so that I could not breath. Continue reading »

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