Jan 032017

Malcolm’s funeral and celebration will be Friday Jan 27th at 2.00p.m at Levenshulme Baptist Church, Elmsworth Avenue. 2.00p.m. Followed by a cup of tea before the meal.

There will be a short service at  Stockport Crem 3.30 and then a celebration of his life and meal at St Mary’s Church Hall, Elbow street levesnhulme at 4.00 p.m. At this event there will be an open mike opportunity to talk about your memories of Malcolm (funny as well as  serious) and there will also be some entertainment as requsted by Malcolm. There will also be a group of our African friends dancing for him. It wll be the send off he wanted so lets make it a day to remember so NO SADNESS, NO BLACK CLOTHES, NO TIES, NO SUITS (although scruffy jumpers are a must – espeically with a pen hanging from the neck) and  if you have sandels wear them and we will drink his health in tea. ( a bar is also available ).

If you intend to come to the celebration at St Marys then please let me know for the caterers (also if you have any dietry requirements – although lets face it you can’t be any fussier than Malcom was)

More information regarding the venues (including maps and postcodes – and parking) will be on this blog (and on a friendly facebook page) by the end of this week.

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Dec 102016

I’ve not posted because I’ve been inside again (no not Strangeways – I mean hospital).

I got a call from the Christie doctor who saw me. She had seen the preliminary scan report, and there was something odd about the kidneys, so she wants me to come in to her clinic on Monday.  She seemed to be thinking infection or chemo damage rather then cancer.  She added that if my abdominal pain got any worse, then I should ring their hotline. Continue reading »

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Nov 292016

Eight days to go. I lost most of yesterday with a headache.  I assumed it was a migraine, but the sumatriptan did nothing for it. I’m putting it down to emotional stress. Continue reading »

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