Dec 212016

First of all a message from Malcolm

The hair has grown longer and stragglier so now I have to reluctantly say it looks good. Some peope even say I am a punk Peter Capaldi.

We heard today he is to have a stent fitted in his abdomen  onFriday. If this works he has a chance and could even  come home soon. But not for Christmas so we shall divide Christmas between eating at home and seeing Malcolm. His ward will be strewn with paper as we re going to take our presents  with us to open together.   If it does not  work ————-

Still on a drip poor love but came off oxyen today to see if he needs it.  He had 12 visitors yesterday and  3 more today. One came  a 3 hour drive to see him and stayed all day. The staff are amazed  how popular he is.

I trace the  rainbow through the rain.

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  1. So sorry I haven’t managed to visit yet – if I can’t make it this week, I certainly hope to next. The day with all the grandchildren sounds lovely – so pleased that could happen for you all.

    Lots of love


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