Dec 132016

I described my chemotherapy as a bet by a man who doesn’t gamble.

Well I lost. Rather annoying really.

So now I might have up to a year, or maybe less.

Well it solves one problem, what to do on this blog if I recovered.

I’m on a tablet, not my favourite input tòol, so I will keep it short.

Yes I am disappointed, but I took the wager with my eyes open.

Yes I am angry, who would not be.

Can I blame anyone. Some people are very good at ascribing God’s judgement when sumat goes wrong – especially when it happens to other people.  They asked Jesus once about some blokes who were killed when a building fell on them -did they deserve it.? Were  they worse than anyone else round there, that it fell on them.

Jesus said no they weren’t, but we will all answer to God for what we do, just like they will.

So I’ve made my peace with God, I am still allowed to be really annoyed, and so sorry for those I will leave.

But I have had a brilliant life, a fantastic wife, and an excellent loving family. That’s more than most get.


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  1. You’re annoyed?!!!! Flippin eck I’m with you there my friend! But anger can be good and can make us strong so I’m disinclined to say nay to it. My thoughts are with you and the family and I’ll be about to bother you for some humility lessons soon…cos boy do I need it sometimes and you’re a fab teacher! Much love txx

  2. I am a day late in reading the blog. I feel lost for words but I want to say something. All I can say is that God must have some reason. As your friend Daniel hopes, a miracle could happen.

  3. We’re so sorry to hear your news but we’re both praying for you and hope you’re not in too much pain. You’re a man to be admired: a fighter, full of ideas, honest, reliable . . . Need I say more, except that we’d hate to lose such a man as very few friends could claim to be all that!

  4. Any body reading all your blogs must agree that you have a right to feel more than annoyed.

    Kind Regards


  5. Hi Malcolm,

    I have dreaded this outcome since I first learned of your illness. I am very sorry to hear your latest news and hope that a miracle can still happen.

    I’ll phone Beryl and see when’s good for a visit. Thanks for the children’s Christmas presents which arrived yesterday. For you and Beryl to even think of them given your circumstances, says everything about the selfless people you have both been for so long.

    Thinking of you both and sending our love.

  6. Anger is natural. Make the most of your time says I. Only you can decide what that means for you re more chemo.

    Chat when you get home?

    Regards as per norm


  7. Good to hear from you, Malcolm. I’m a bit confused by the latter part of this entry so when you are up to it, please end the suspense! Sending every good wish x

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