Isaiah 9


This is one of the first songs I ever wrote, it’s based on Isaiah 9 (tune Londonderry Air)

The people who have walked in lands of darkest night
Have seen a mighty light upon them shine
He’s multiplied the nation and increased its joy
So they rejoice like men at harvest time.
Because the yoke that heavy on their shoulder bore
The rod and staff of their oppressor’s power
He’s broken as upon the day of Midian
His strength shall be to them a mighty tower

Because to us a child is born, a son is given
He shall be called the mighty prince of peace
Great God, eternal Father, wondrous Counsellor
His kingdom grows and nevermore shall cease
On David’s throne, he’ll justice bring and righteousness
Establish and uphold it evermore
Great things he’s done, and greater things he yet will do
The Lord of Hosts, the might God whom we adore.

copyright Malcolm Cowen 1976

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