Dec 222016

Tomorrow will be busy.

7 00 clock to X ray to drink radio opaque stuff. (He will glow in the dark)

10 oclock Sonar to put chest drains into  both lungs as I have fluid on them

3 00 o clock toX ray stent in so I can eat again.

If fluid in lungs is clear and if I can eat then I can have  chemo and have a chance of life,ifnot ………..

This is all  beause last night I had really  bad arthritis pain and and also trouble breathing which left me very weak and unable to stand up.That has Improved during the day at I am glad to say.

If a group from theNational Union of Teachers hired the lobby of the Midland Hotel to put on a chess exhibition would it be

chessNUTS hosting in a hotel foyer.




a lobb




  One Response to “2 nights before Christms”

  1. I don’t think they would be able to put on a chess exhibition in the Midland – there isn’t enough room, security would be a problem and this time of year it would be very busy – maybe one of the newer hotels and wait ’till spring?

    Take care both of you x

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