May 272016

This is the start of the 5th week of chemo. Monday will be the mid-point.

I should have written this blog last night.  But I went the whole day without a rest, so by 10pm I was shattered.  So I went to bed for 30 minutes to get enough energy to write the blog and do a few other chores.  I woke up at 7am.    I think I’ll take a mid-afternoon break today.

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May 252016

Apologies for posting late. There were two reasons:

  1. I was too tired last night.
  2. I wanted to see the effects of the dreadful thing that happened yesterday.

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May 232016

Woke up with no nausea, but very tired, so I ate breakfast (2 Saus + bacon is still bliss after nowt but porridge), then went back to bed. About 12:50 I decided that I really ought to get up, chemo or not, so I threw back the duvet and got a sharp pain on the LHS of the chest.  Continue reading »

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