Aug 302016

We’ve got the dates now for the next lot of appointments.  Wednesday this week we see the local nurse to have the stomach tube checked out, and then in the afternoon we see the surgeon at the MRI for a full report back on the histology report. The Christie appointment comes 3 weeks later when we go to the notorious Room 42 for the outpatients. The second round of chemo will probably start a week or so later. Continue reading »

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Aug 212016

Still in hospital with the same problem. Test results soon  but  Malcolm will be in for a while yet. Eating OK and  he is in the right place for now. Staff are lovely. These nurses never seem to  have a break.

But Malcolm is grumpy as there seems no end to this at present. Continue reading »

Aug 202016

These are Malcolm’s dictated words.

I spent the night nil by mouth on a drip, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move, bored. That was hard.  But it paid off. I had food today which was a pleasure to eat and hopefully I am home tomorrow evening. All is clear.

I met a nurse who turned out to be an ex Sunday School pupil of mine from 30 years ago and she remembered me. What a small world. Continue reading »

Aug 192016

4.00 am today  Malcolm was re-admitted to a surgical ward as he was in such pain. Many tests later he is being kept in to see where and what the infection is and nil by mouth. He is back to the drip feeds as well. He is a little better especially as his cancer nurse reassured him he was actually doing fine and all this was to  be expected after the surgery he had. Also his heart rate is speedy and they put this down to the pneumomia he had last week. It is amazing what you find out if you wait long enough. No wonder he is very tired. No one had told me this. Continue reading »

Aug 192016

Unfortunateyl Malcolm has had to be re-admitted to the MRI ( 4.00a.m.this morning) as his stomach pains worsened and he became lethargic. New surgery and/or antibiotics are on the cards but surgery is likely.

We are in God’s hands.

Aug 172016

I’m aware that there’s  gap to be filled in about my time in hospital. SheWhoMustBeObeyed did an excellent job of bloggin, but thre’s more to add from my side.  But for now, here’s today’s report. Continue reading »

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Aug 162016

Nearly did not make it.

Friday the side drain wound broke open during the final physio check, so they kept me in.

Sunday they said I could go at 2pm.  At 13:30 I started vomitting, so they kept me in for another 3 hrs observation.

Now I’m back!

The day started badly. I slept badly and woke up feeling revolted by the idea of food.  So I dined on small helpings of cereal and later a whole bacon slice.

It’s slowly got better through the day.  I’ve not eaten anything like normal, but I had one of the concentrates, which helped, and I am feeling a bit hungrier now.

So far I’ve gone through several 100 emails, and we both feel I’ve improved a lot during the day.

I’ll write more tomorrow.  First I want to send some targetted thanks, including to the medical staff who looked after me so well.

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