Apr 242016

I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a migraine. That maybe explains why I felt so bad yesterday.  The standard medication (Immigran) fixed it by 10:00, and apart from feeling doped up I was almost normal (no comments at the back there)

Once I’d recovered I spent the day feeling hungery, and eating every couple of hours. So that at least feels better. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and report the result.

Another appointment at the Christie as well. This one is Wednesday to check out my heart function.  I’ll be there.

We tried out the new gas fire today, watching the new series of Hinterland (just as good as last time we saw the episode on S4C). The story was very dark, but the fire was warm.

And I am not responding to any of the remarks made concerning gas fires and who makes decisions in this house.


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  1. The fire was too hot for rme and it must be efficient even Malcolm turned it down. Amazing!. Hinterland is great.
    My car will know the way to Christies without me driving at this rate.

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