Nov 252016

Sorry for the lack of posts, we had a broadband outage.  Looks like we may have a faulty router.

It’s the last 13 days now, and I’m glad.  I am weary.

I saw the Christie consultand for the last time yesterday.  He says I have done everything right, and improved the odds as best I can, but the hard truth is that this cancer frequently re-occurs.

I have to wait and see if I survive or not.  I went home and sulked in bed for a few hours, I’m feeling better now, but still somewhat broody.

Just one diversion, someone had ordered a scan for me on 7 Dec. Turns out the consultant knew nowt about it.  To confuse the issue I thought it was at the MRI, but it is at the Christie.  Anyway I rang up the Christie and informed his secretary, so no doubt they will sort it out and ring me back.

And so to bed.

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