Dec 132016

I am sorry to say this new  fight is a losing battle for Malcolm. The cancer is in the stomach lining and cannot be treated. The consultant said if he was strong enough they would consider chemo after Jan but that gives him a year. Without chemo need I say more.

Yesterday he was spaced out on morphine and  annti nausea tablets and antibiotics and he was falling and unable to  eat . He did not know where he was and was confused. We  were worried. Today on the phone he sounded more with it but that was before they gave him pain relief.

Our family have been great. Engineer son spent 2 days at hospital with me and the others were on the phone almost hourly.

On a lighter note as visiting times are restricted on his new ward I went to a panto rehearsal. One of the songs I have to sing is “I want to be Happy” There’s irony for you. But I felt better for being there. Life goes on.  It must.


More later.

  3 Responses to “A wifes tale continued. Fight lost”

  1. Beryl and Malcolm,
    Beryl my favorite street pastor.
    Light for you. I am so sad about this…
    But I think that God is inside your soul.
    Peace and love for you and Malcom
    Ana Lucia from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

  2. Thanks for keeping us all informed. Lots of love to you and Malcolm xx

  3. Dear Beryl & Malcolm
    You’re both very much in our thoughts.
    Love Jane & Ed x

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